A Reminder about the survival guide..

The Michigan Survival Guide is Still accepting submissions, and ALL submitted works will be considered seriously.  This is not a matter of ideology, though sometimes the articles are prefaced with an example of why the problems exits in the first place.  Michigan Families have been hit HARD and we aren’t just sitting around and announcing the news.  We want to do something about it.

The book icon on the side panel  will bring up all of the articles we have published, and you may find something of interest and possibly helpful in how you deal with or help friend dealing with reduced income, or tough economic times in Michigan.  Remember YOU can participate with FULL CREDIT by emailing survival at michigantaxes.com and making your suggestions and offering money saving ideas and motivational tools.  You also will be given full credit when the book is published.

Things that can help:  Recipes which stretch the dollar for large families, creative ways to make money, productive ways to spend time while unemployed, etc…

We hope to have the guide finished by early summer, but installments will be published regularly HERE!  So… what are you waiting for?