The Pantry – A Michigan Survival Guide Installment

One of the things that has kept us (my family) going over time, is the ready supply of Generic Macaroni & Cheese.  We would watch for sales on the Mac-n-cheese and usually pick up CASES at a time to be sure our supply was at hand. No doubt it may not rank in the top ten healthy foods category, however it has high starches, and sustains the human body and brain functions quite well when little else is available.  The Kids liked it, and it is FILLING.

There are many foods like Macaroni and cheese.  Cereals, Canned Goods, Condiments, etc… There are staples which do not spoil easily, and can be bought at sale times for 30-50 percent less than normal.  What we did by buying our non perishables in bulk when opportunity afforded itself, was to ultimately stretch our buying power for the perishables.  This doesn’t even have to apply to CASE sales, as there are many things which you may enjoy but usually find a little too costly in hard times.

The big trick is to watch for the sales on the food items you will USE.  Be realistic in your planning, but dont be afraid to invest a little into the future of your food consumption either.  To this day, we still purchase much of our non persihables during sales cycles in larger quantity so that we have them later.  Fresh foods can sometimes be had for less as they near end of life as well, but buy only if an immediate need exists.

Managing food stores has always made a difference in human civilization, and Michigan people returning to some basic concepts will live healthier and under less stress.