The Michigan Big Three Challenge.

I am sick and tired of the congress, pompous windbags they are facing down any industry in any form.  They establish rules which ought not be rules, and then have the unmitigated gall to stare in the eyes of the job creators and tell them they have done a crappy job and ought to be ashamed of themselves.  Each time I watch the circus begin, I not so secretly hope that the CEOs will stand up, and call the crooked cretins who claim to be our voice, what they are…  Pompous and quite absurd in their holier than thou self indulgent puffery.

So here is my Gambit.. 

I hereby pledge to personally buy a car or SUV immediately following an event in which a CEO of any one of the Automakers tells a congressman off in one of those “show” hearings. I will buy a vehicle immediately from that company who’s CEO took the plunge.

And here is my Challenge.  I ask anyone who is reading this to also make that pledge if they can afford it. Using the comments form and whatever user ID you come up with, you will be bound by your own sense of honor.

The resulting message would be incredible.  Things MIGHT actually change.  And Congressional Crooks the likes of Pelosi, Franks, and Senators Dodd, Schumer, etc..  Might for once be called out for the destructive influence they wield.   Takers?  ..imagine how many cars they would sell immediately.. eh?