Michigan Survival Guide

I am assembling material for The Michigan Survival Guide – Coping in a “Left/Liberal” Depression. It will be available free here on Michigan Taxes Too Much in PDF format when finished.  It will have tips and tricks to cut costs, avoid repossessions, inexpensive recipes to help you forget times are hard, and many other ideas on managing finances to outlast the remainder of the depression the “progressive” onslaught has brought us.

A lot of are out of money, and looking at a cold winter.  I have been there, and even now am watching costs.  And at this time of year I remember a particular trick we used when we had extended ourselves too far, and had nothing extra to put under the tree for the kids. What we had was barely enough food money and essentials. (Toilet paper, Socks, etc..) A little extra scrimping allowed us to get a minor gift we were sure each of the kids would like, but it was looking to be a bare Christmas morning.  What my wife and I did…  We had a…

Cereal Box Christmas – We packaged up socks (I know.. this is an old trick) Then we also packed up a 6 pack of the good toilet paper, and a few boxes of cereal the kids always go for.  Under the tree it looked like any other Christmas, and carefully saving the best for last we made it through without TOO much disappointment.  Also, 9 and 10 year olds can in fact have a great sense of humor as well.  My daughter, I believe still has saved somewhere  the 6pack of white Charmin;  She calls it “Mr. Whitey.”  God love her. (BTW we actually turned this into a tradition)

Bottom line is, there are many things we can do to stretch our dollars.  This will be a major effort on my part and that of my wife’s as well (though she does not yet know it…) And I am looking for more help on this project.  I need the Following:

* Recipes for Foods that taste great but stretch the budget.
* Stories of how you overcame debt and brought about positive change in a tough environment.
* Other positive stories that prove we can be as tough as any in an economically challenging time.
* Craft ideas which could be used to help able hands keep productive between jobs.
* Locations of where to go if you need a meal.
* Any other suggestion or experience that we can pass along to our brothers and sisters in Michigan (or elsewhere) which will guide them toward prosperity.

Please comment, or email your suggestions and contributions to “survival at Michigantaxes.com”  You will receive credit for your submission unless you request otherwise.

And a side note on the title…

It is important to note that while I will continue to insist the fault lay at the feet of the progressive atmosphere, I am still fighting for the health and prosperity of all Michiganders.  But blame serves a purpose.  It will allow us to avoid the pitfalls which guide us deeper into debt, and economic despair.  “Community” also serves a valuable purpose, but dragging folks along kicking and screaming because they are perceived to have “more” is a mistake.

Taking from one for benevolence to another without the consent of the provider is misguided at best, and in more ways quite immoral.  With reference to collecting, the difference between charity and taxes is a gun to the head.  There is no debating that fact.  As for distribution… charity goes to where your heart is.  I MAINLY prefer to support the local house of hope, and the Womens Resource Center. They provide a better service to the local community than any government program around, dollar for dollar.  But government, as it is structured doesn’t care, and remains unaccountable.


Hoping to hear from any and of you however.  WE CAN make a difference with new and old ideas alike.  Lets build a better more durable state community with the Michigan Survival Guide!