I opine. I am hardly fair, offering opposing viewpoints voluntarily while writing here.  It isnt my responsibility, and frankly I allow the comments to post as they post. (only moderating to keep the spammers out)  I will be critical as I see fit.  But to translate my belief that government has not the obligation to reach into my pocket for the sake of other private enterprise means I lack decency?  Some think so.

Or at least they think the Senate Republicans arent being “decent” when they decide that it is an improper role being played out to keep the automaker afloat, if but only for a few more months..  My comments on a thread at Right Michigan pretty much speak for themselves, though I will elaborate:

“What makes it right to take our money for them?

The real underlying problem is that you are a member of one of the most corrupt institutions of our time.  One which enriches its members by delivering the goods to heavy lobbying interests.  This is not to say that YOU are corrupt, but my point is that these “bridge loans” or Bailouts will continue until the streets are red, and NOT with ink.

Bush was WRONG to deliver the original bailout, and will be WRONG if he delivers more to save the automakers.  The saving of which will only lead to more problems, as is the way when people fail to own up the responsibilities of their actions.

The unions and the PEOPLE THEY ELECT are MOST responsible for the majority of the problems we face.  It is a pitiful state of affairs when smart people like yourself cannot separate your blind ambition to remain in office and embrace the ideology which could SOLVE this problem.  The very ideology which the party you chose claims to represent.

It is time to STOP being enablers to big government, and big labor.  They have failed us, and will continue to do so.

As for what the actions of those senators are..  it is YOUR job as an elected Republican to explain why the ideology is better for us all in the end.  If you cannot, then perhaps you do not in fact believe in it.  Right is Right.  Circumstances do not change statics.

The unions have an addiction problem. Its time to play hard love.  THAT is the decent thing to do.”

Candace Miller is truly a DECENT person.  She merely wishes for the best for her constituency, and perhaps she believes that a short term stimulus for the automakers will bring about the needed miracle for the sake of Michiganders and those related to the automakers everywhere.  However, in doing so she abandons principles which are MOST NEEDED in tough times.  Principles which should guide her votes absolutely and definitively.  Without the principled decision making we merely prolong the agony of a dying beast.

The beast however is NOT the automakers.  It is the UAW.  The very union which lays claim as a restorer of decent living standards for workers of all skill levels.  The same union which knowing it is at high risk wishes to take as many out with it as possible if it goes.  The same organization which hasn’t the capability to understand “decency” as it relates to those who wish to be free of “their” selection for government who always seem to offer merely oppressive government solutions to everything.


Decency is allowing those of us who earn a living keep a substantial amount of it.

Decency is allowing us to determine the recipients of our benevolence.

Decency is NOT saddling our children, their children, and their grandchildren with a debt beyond reason.

Decency is allowing failure to be failure so that we may learn from it.

Government intervention in all things is not in anyway appropriate, and strays from its basic function of keeping order. Government is incapable of promoting decency by subjugating its constituents to an abject form of fiscal slavery.