Why team Clinton?

Again breaking away from Michigan news and events, I must speculate on the appointment of Hillary to Secretary of State, and the other appointments being made.  It all seems to many to be a little too convenient to have just popped up.  Why would the usual suspects just pop up?  And why…  will the “formal announcement” of her appointment be made after the first of the month?

An unlikely cast of Clinton era retreads, as well as a few other fresh faces are appearing as prospective appointees.  But the Clinton folks?   ok.. here is a clue..  Dec 1st.

I am not even going to say it.  Not yet.  But think..  Clinton, Obama, Dec 1st…  Obama  Dec 1st… Cmon..

OK..  here is another clue.   Clinton Supporter..

A game of chess folks..  White Queen takes Knight… Black King has no move.. Checkmate.