What McCain has Endured

Don\’t Give Up

Please click on the link above to watch an inspiring video. It reminds my family of what John McCain faced while a POW in Vietnam. He faced unbearable pain, and yet endured. He has led when others faltered. He has walked “through the valley of death” and survived. He has the inner strength it takes to lead, and lead well.

What has Sen. Obama endured? It would be interesting to find out. He claims an affinity with those blacks who faced horrible racism; being denied access to employment, facilities, and voting. Obama, however, has never faced the firehoses and billy clubs of southern police officers. He has never faced the nooses of racists pigs in white hoods. He has never had to endure the injustices of slavery. He lived with a white mother, and grandmother. He attended one of the wealthiest black churches in the nation, which is the largest in the United Churches of Christ.

Who is the hero? Who is the true leader? The one who led in adversity, or the one who led in prosperity? One who sat in an enemy prison camp, or the one who sat in a huge, wealthy mega-church? One who has endured many attacks from members of his own party, or one who has voted with his party over 97% of the time? One who has given a substantial portion of his own income to deserving children, or one who, while on a well-funded liberal educational foundation, handed out other people’s money to deserving children? Obama has experience handing out other people’s money. McCain has experience working for others, many times in a literal hell. While some claim Obama a messiah, McCain has been raised by the true Messiah. He has truly been “resurrected from the dead.”

Vote McCain on November 4th.