Missing a hunting blind?

Private property.  Its one of the most basic tenets of our constitution.  The fifth amendment addresses what our rights are, and addresses invasions of our private property.  It uses government as an example, but maintains our rights to demand compensation for its use by government or otherwise.

In this case, you have parked your fancy deer blind on my property, (Traverse City, MI) filled with your muzzle stand, chairs, and heater. (there is also some trash..  thanks) I am not sure how good a hunter you are, as I could smell that you smoke from 30 feet away while approaching the blind.  But the “no hunting” sign not 50 yards from where you carefully cleared the earth to park the “Gander Mountain special executive suite” is large enough for even the most non astute to notice.

Perhaps I should have put antlers on the sign.

This morning was especially beautiful.  A great day to disassemble and carry out of the woods someone else’s mess.  I have people who I give SPECIAL permissions to hunt on the property.  It is MY choice, and my management of MY Wife’s and MY own personal property which you have violated.  One of my permissioned friends saw your blind and let me know.  I went to the local Dunham’s and bought an orange vest specifically for the purpose of not being plugged on MY OWN property by invasive persons who feel that anyone’s back yard is a great place to hunt.

Look, Obama aint the Prez yet and even though the current douche bags on the US Supreme Court made a bad mistake in KELO et al..  V. CITY OF NEW LONDON et al., you are still the wrong kind of private enterprise to be able to use the hammer of government to take away my property rights.

If you need the blind back..  Any one of 40 the “Private Property” no Trespass/ no Hunting signs on the property have the phone number. Be prepared with an apology.