Schauer decides dishonesty is OK!

The Mark Schauer Campaign has decided to do what seems to be the new standard for the Democrat party.  If they do not have a good message of their own, they lie.  Tim Walberg, one of FEW who did not vote for the Government bailout is being misrepresented in the advertisements promoted by Schauer.

The following advertisement uses  “Yep, I’m bought and paid for by them.” several times.  See below the video for the actual statement made by Tim Walberg.  Note also, the voice is NOT that of Tim Walberg.

Walberg’s quote was in a story (click here to read the unedited version) detailing the financial support he receives from Club for Growth. He gave a decent response to critics of his ties to the anti-tax group.

“If I go to Congress and lower taxes, reduce pork-barrel spending and kill the tax codes of the IRS,” Walberg said, “you can say, ‘Yep, I’m bought and paid for by them.”

Honesty not one of Schauers better traits perhaps?