Recruiting in Michigan part II

Allow me to elaborate on an article written this morning, On reading the article, one of my colleagues asked.. “so whats the problem?  Why is it bad that we have someone helping those who are looking for Jobs?”  A reasonable question, but one that points out how easy it is for the government to do “good works” yet remain immune from association when things go incredibly wrong.

It’s called BAD PLANNING.

assume for the sake of argument the it is OK for a government agency which levies taxes on employment in the state, taxing employers for having employees to support the Michigan works! program.  Assume it is OK to have them openly compete with private enterprise which is not at a cost to taxpayers or employers except by contract.  Assuming that, it seems it is a Win Win Win right?  Michigan Employees have greater opportunities, Michigan Government can lower its Unemployment numbers, and Nebraska (in this case) gets some real talent.

Here is the rub.

Consider WHY people emigrate to the United States.  Consider WHAT motivates a family to separate, break up, and move away.  Though this is hardly a move from a third world dictatorship in the pursuit of freedom, it is similar in the effect it has in the donor country.  Michigan will suffer the “brain drain” or talent drain often associated with such activity.  When you have no incentive to stay and better yourself locally the grass ALWAYS appears greener elsewhere.

Michigan’s Future growth is going to be hampered.

If you are considering moving a business to a region, you take into account a number of factors.  One of those might be accessibility, another perhaps quality of life, and another cost of doing business.  One more consideration which is as important as the other three, availability of workforce.  If there arent enough skilled workers in the area you wish to develop it might tip the scales, and send you looking elsewhere.  And I imagine the “Drive for Five” program that operates under the direction of the Nebraska’s Chamber of Commerce is not seeking the unqualified among us.

Ultimately, the future of Michigan again slighted with the use of yours and my own tax dollars.