Proposal 2, Furthering the Destruction Of America

What value do we assign a human life when we can so easily assign it to experimentation, carving up, not allowing the first breath, or even in some extreme cases murdering after that first breath has been taken?  While America’s citizenry has looked on,  countless unborn children have faced the butcher’s blade with no opportunity to defend themselves, no stay of execution, no governor’s pardon. “for the children” argument.

Michigan’s Proposal 2 is symptomatic of a general lack of respect, understanding, and value we place on human life.  For decades now, abortion has been an accepted norm, and even though current statistics show a decline in the number of aborted [Children,] we still bear the declining moral effects of such acts in the worst ways.  Gang activity which has become more violent, songs which glorify killing police, beating or abusing women all are indicative of a lack of respect for the human condition, much less the sanctity of human life.

Proposal 2 is an extension of the thought process which suggests we are less than than the miracle many of us think of as God’s work.  It proposes that like cattle, we can be farmed to better a few, and relies on the intelectual sloth which refuses to search for perhaps harder to find, but BETTER answers.  The lies told to justify the passing of this cruelly perpetuated fraud, show crippled children, paraplegics, and suggests the embryos used will be tossed like yesterday’s lunch anyhow.

The little understood reality of this ballot proposal, is that it paves the way through well crafted words to further legislation that cannot be limited if we wanted to.  It seeks to protect itself with this line:

“Prohibit state and local laws that prevent, restrict or discourage stem cell research, future therapies and cures.”

as a part of the actual ballot wording.  In other words, once this vehicle starts rolling, the brakes have been removed for your enjoyment.

Michigan has an obligation to look where we have come since Roe v Wade, and consider that the passage of 2 will not only continue our path to the destruction of our humanity, but will accelerate it.