How McCain can win Michigan

Barack Obama and Jennifer Granholm, Ideological twins who support more taxation, and expanded government control into people’s lives are more alike than merely a political stance or two.  They are both highly charismatic and “likable” personages who successfully deliver their own (albeit misguided) message of how to run government capably.  “Style over Substance,” as one radio personality used to call it, “fluff,” “hot air,” Etc.. 

An effective message Might be all that is needed to snap Michiganders from the hypnotic trance of O-Who. A daily comparison of the woman who wrecked Michigan, and the man who would do the same with similar policies to the rest of the nation might serve a couple of purposes.  It would remind Michiganders to not let those who are at fault (the Democrats and Granholm)  escape their wrath.  It would also drive home the point that Michigan could still suffer further if the plague of the worst possible fiscal and social policy were to further emanate into the nation as a whole.

Michigan has continued the slide into its own recession, driven by policies and fiscal mismanagement which have resulted in loss of jobs, inspiring fear and putting many of its people in abject poverty.  In the face of the worse economic disaster in my lifetime, the state of Michigan, under the leadership of Governor Granholm never let up in its pursuit for more revenues through taxation.  Minor tax concessions made to “special groups” of business which are quite literally hand picked by the governor’s team of “growth” remind us of the elite nature of liberal conscience as it relates to governance.

Add to this, the failure of Granholm to sign off on a ban of the practice of Murder at birth, where the fetus is partially extracted, and mutilated near full term.  A practice which would send even the most strident “pro-choice” voter to confession, and therapy if they ever witnessed it.  Planned parenthood, which has an incredible presence in Minority neighborhoods has a “supply and demand “business model of death for those who cannot defend themselves.  This all generally supported by the Democrats, and Barack Obama. Even the vatican calls the Democrat party the “party of death”

Hunters, and firearms are a great part of the state’s economy. Voters need to be reminded of the threat they face with an Obama Presidency and two houses controlled. Contrary to Ray Shoenke ads, and the new Greg West ad, O-Who and his type do not think it is necessary to have firearms, and certainly not handguns.  It may start off slow, but like the cigarette revolution, seat belts, and other personal responsibility issues, expect the gun police to start putting pressure on in an evironment that is condusive to oppressive treatment of gun owners, collectors and hunters.

Fuel prices are high, Obama supports adding to the cost of oil companies with confiscation and reimbursement to the taxpayer.  Under this plan, would the taxpayer not pay more at the pump again?  And then have to beg off the government for the promised payoff is insane.  Michigan suffers from high energy costs.  Automakers adjust to changes in demand, and Democrat policies as they relate to “climate change” have driven fuel prices up so fast that the automakers were stuck with low MPG SUVs many couldn’t afford to drive.  Obama even said “well uh  uhh gas prices being high arent the problem, uh uh its just they went up too fast.”

Correct Barack, they went up too fast, but that dog you let out of its cage is going to run fast and hard.  Green policies hurt michigan, the nation and anyone who doesnt have additional pocket change. The additional cost of green cannot be offset by “green Jobs creation as suggested by this state’s governor Granholm.

Team McCain needs to remind the black and minority communities who is killing its babies.  They need to remind Michigan it CAN GET WORSE if the entire country heads in the liberal direction Michigan has since electing the most economically destructive governor the state has ever seen.  Energy costs driving people from Jobs, their homes, the state need to be brought up.  The emphasis on MORE of what Michigan has endured should be made. The comparisons to Granholm could win this, here.

Barack is bad for our Michigan, because he will do to the country what granholm has done to the state.  Identify the similarities, the destructive policies, and McCain could take this state and easily.