Thank you.

Thank you to Michigan representatives. All of them who voted NO, and for not allowing FEAR to run your decision making.  The federal Government does NOT need to own ANYTHING as an investment.  NO BAIL OUT.  If we will have some pain, then so be it.  Those who are a high credit risk cannot get loans, so be it, as they shouldn’t anyhow.  If you have to borrow to hire more people, maybe there isn’t enough demand for your product.

IF something must be done, make it further reductions in Government to spur investments, but no taxpayer money should be used to provide a cushion to those who mismanaged their own.  Eliminate capital gains, allow accurate assessments so balance sheets are correct, maybe a LOAN but don’t buy trouble.

My own rep voted for it.  I am a little dismayed at his lack of core convictions that would allow him to vote in this manner, but I understand the fear generated by our president and the Treasury secretary.  Some will assume that the positions held by those men would assure an understanding of such matters.  IMO, they are acting as fools.  And further, I have lost a great deal of respect for our President because of his trust in a man who may have known of this troubling situation, but releases his information only now, only weeks before an election.

For being stronger of heart and mind, Thank you.