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Again, I must give credit to, and mention the Industrial Policy Blog has pointed out that our Governor still appears to be chasing the shadows of… what?  Coolness.  OK lets get in the mood..   Imagine a poet has just given a marvelous performance of of “why my sneakers don’t run…” and all the beatniks with arms outstretched clicking their fingers..  Snap ..Snap  ..Snap.

Looking to the “Cool Cities” site, we find background:

What makes a city “cool?”  Is it a leafy, green park and an inviting public square?  Or is it a sidewalk bistro and an internet café?  Maybe it’s a jazz club or a coffee house that invites office workers to linger in your downtown well past 5:00 p.m. Maybe it’s nothing more extravagant – or more important – than a quality neighborhood school, a job within walking distance and a safe path for getting to both. Whatever your vision of a cool city, we are working to make that vision a reality.

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DLEG, together with the Governor’s office, completed a web-based survey in January 2004, which drew responses from more than 14,000 recent college graduates and students, as well as others, on what type of lifestyle they are looking for in a community. This survey provided extremely useful data that supports Cool Cities efforts.

Snap ..Snap ..Snap  That is the place to ask for future guidance.. they are the ones with LOADS of life experience..  keep moving forward..  Snap ..Snap

Cool Cities is about creating hot jobs in cool neighborhoods throughout Michigan. It’s about attracting and encouraging people –  especially young people – to live, work and shop in the cool cities we are working hard to create together. Cities and regions with large numbers of urban pioneers, or what author Dr. Richard Florida describes as the “Creative Class,” are thriving.

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Art stores, Bistros and cafes are not enough to support ANY community. And when the government gets involved with grants to shape, model and control a direction that a community develops in a “cool way,” it will merely take on the coolness the folks who are in government at the time perceive.  In other words, it is and should remain OUTSIDE Michigan government’s responsibility to develop, enhance, build and create “coolness.”  That is not its charter.  The primary role of Government is public safety, education, and protection, PERIOD. Whether it is through community infrastructure, proper handling of courts, or staffing of police and fire, or even our Michigan National Guard, that’s it.  End of story.

While Granholm and liberal progressives continue to pursue what is “cool,”  the rest of our leaders give away the right of business to operate as IT SEES FIT with anti smoking efforts, criminalizing common sense hiring practices, and forcing us to accept fewer and more costly energy solutions.  Break out your hands! Put em up there!  Make sure they ALL HEAR YOU!!!  Every one of them will know.. the will to defend your rights fades and is broken..

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