Do you believe EVERYTHING because you read it?

Much like the “philosophical” meanderings you would find scratched on the walls of the typical bathroom stall at the airport, bar, restroom at the local elementary school, Daily KOS readers are energized daily with all the truths they need to know.  And in the same vein, Air America and its Dozens, or possibly hundreds of listeners are given a dose of Randi Rhoades’ version of Sarah Palin’s life.

So..  do you believe it?  Here is a new Bumper sticker.  Click on it to see the full size version if you like.

 They MUST hate Puppies.. We said they do.

They MUST hate Puppies.. We said they do.

An exercise by Right Michigan’s Nick De Leeuw suggests the above Bumper sticker has merit.  Or does it?  The question of whether people believe many of the lies told to defame those whom they philosophically disagree can be summed up with a recent conversation I had with a very good customer.  I should preface this with a statement of fact that I cannot for the life of me SHUT UP when doing my sales gigs.  Fortunately I read the writing on the wall and didn’t push the issue, and will be a little more careful for the sake of my future business dealings.

ME: “So what do you think about that Palin pick?”

Cust: “Yeah wow no kidding.  It’s the first time I ever donated to a presidential campaign..”

ME: “Me too, wow what an unbelievable pick..”

Cust: “But the donation wasn’t to McCain!  That woman is Corrupt and in the pockets of big oil!  as well as that apparently she is taking credit for her 17 year old daughter’s kid, and fired some guy who was going to expose her…”

Pretty much at that point I knew it was best to pursue a “business only” relationship, as I know that many can become very emotional once they make up their minds on a political issue.  It proved to me however, that REALLY DECENT PEOPLE can be taken in by.. CRAP.  IT doesn’t mean they are stupid, uneducated or even totally politically ignorant.  It simply means that in the fight for our thoughts and minds, a well constructed half, or even quarter truth can be made believable by a fine crafter of words such as many who inhabit the liars den known as the KOS.

In the writings here, I can only hope I am able to present the truths as they are best told.  If I am wrong in a fact presented, I hope that I am called on it, so that it may be presented properly, and ethically correct.  For all of the few readers I have collected, I wish to make it my responsibility to deliver facts fairly and honestly, and hopefully the opinions are easily separated from fact.