Will we see it?

Between ecological absurdity, and essentially economic retardation, our state government has put us in a developing position not unlike that we are seeing in California. Granholm, and the democratic majority in the house along side a few misguided Republicans in the senate pulled us off of the precipice to put Michigan into the downward spiral with an oppressive tax, as well as increased spending in government services. The movement towards “green” energy alternatives, and fictitious job training efforts will do little to forestall what must happen given the direction we are moving economically.

This election cycle, we have (If I recall correctly) 41 term limited legislators saying their farewells? This will include Republicans and Democrats alike. Those offices as well as any others which do not have a term limit vacancy are going to be filed by persons who will either continue the failed strategies the Governor seems to prefer, or those who will be able to stand up and face down the problems we face with a modicum of logic.

So we are not continually “blown away” I truly hope the public has noticed from which side the problems arise. Higher taxes hurt job growth. Bloated government costs more than we are able to pay. Our freedoms are “repealed” along with the creation of ambitious smoking laws, seatbelt laws, emission regulations of CO2, Overbearing DEQ zealotry, and an UNHOLY Union/Government alliance.

These are all Policies of the Democrats. (and sadly, some Republicans need to be identified as well) And they CAN BE CORRECTED if the right people are at the table. The Democrats are SO AWARE of HOW BAD A JOB they performed, they even tried to cheat, and continue to lie about it. And the PAC funds are RAMPING UP, Knowing they have an uphill battle to continue holding power. Money will be spent, and spin like you have never seen will be weaving it’s way throughout the state.

The question is.. Will we see the removal of the most devastating collection of policy makers in Lansing? Michigan is a heavily Democratic based state, but the question begs; will the Michigan Democrats be loyal to their party, or will they have wherewithal to remove the scourge from Michigan’s lawmaking body?