A Glimpse At 25 Years Into Our Future

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DTE Roit – News sources

Rose Bloomfeld an 86 year old resident apologizes for taking so long in the abortion procedure which would have saved the DTE roit voters the hassle of dealing with her son’s particularly unlikable personality and bad grooming habits. The procedure was reported as quick and nearly painless. 68 year old Howard Bloomfeld (the abortee) disagreed with the Supreme court decision handed down by Supreme Court Chief Justice Breyer which cleared the way for post-birth abortions in 2032. Breyer, noted for his progressive views was the first to undergo the Embryonic Stem Cell replacement therapy which is expected to extend his life 80-90 more years.


Noted Abortion Physician Almhedou Raidherain, performed the procedure without emotion and the rolling stones “Sympathy For the Devil” Playing in the background. He noted only a few draws of the blade were required.

Rose, for her part seemed happy to finally perform the procedure. ” Ever since we bacame an Obamanation I have been planning on this, but the waiting line to go to the doctors been 12 years…”

In Other News

DTE Roit formerly known as Detroit before the 2012 collapse of the city’s finances and subsequent fiscal rescue by DTE which became the Energy monopoly for michigan in 2008 Re-elected Kwame Kilpatrick for yet another term. The 61 year old mayor stood for photo opportunities with his 37 children and 12 mistresses at the DTE Roit government building.