Michigan lays out the reason to seat ALL the delegates… and more.

In the DNC rules conference, Carl Levin explained better than all the news outlets WHY Michigan “violated” the DNC rules on primary date position.  Ultimately, as he discussed, the DNC gave a waiver to the New Hampshire on their violation, and Michigan essentially said “if they get a waiver, WE get a waiver.”

This is truly informational and continues to demonstrate the shortsightedness of those within the DNC and its major players.  It further provides a window into the abilities of those who would be our policy makers to look into the future and effect policy that makes us stronger.

They cannot.

The conference began with Howard Dean complaining about the five “intellectually corrupt”  supreme court Justices “stealing” the election from Gore in 2000. It pretty much set the tone.  These are people who do not have the ability to “agree to disagree”  The Democrat party IMO, has denigrated over the last couple of decades into a group of complaining power seekers, who bear grudges, when they are appropriately shown to be shortsighted and policy weak.

Michigan Democrat delegates it seems WILL likely be seated, but no one will truly be happy on either side (Hillary or Obama camp) and hopefully it helps in holding off the election of a policy maker who will likely seat the next three supreme court Justices.  The divided house that is the Democrat party, holds hope (albeit a weak one) that we will see a better representation of constructionists appointed to those critical positions which hold off the socialist horde known as liberal/left Democrats.

Michigan needs TRUE conservatives to rebound.  Perhaps the screwup of the Democrat party this election cycle will get some of those who are SO POORLY represented by left /liberal politicians, to consider looking at a more logical, and conservative approach by electing NON socialist candidates. Hopefully electing people who have CORE PRINCIPLES to guide them, and are unlikely to waffle when offered “progressive,” socialist solutions to vote on.