It Seems MR Dillon Is All Grown Up After All

At least in the thuggish sense.

This really drives home the point. But were they, or were they not being paid to participate. Perhaps our AG should take a look?


Can government entities besides Congress restrict petitioning?

No. The U.S. Supreme Court has incorporated the petition clause of the First Amendment as part of the 14th Amendment’s guarantees against the states. The petition clause applies equally to state and local governments and protects petitions directed to the judicial, executive and legislative branches.

Even operating outside the capacity (on “vacation pay” as Dillon’s office put it) of that employed position, their presence indicates an activity that could be considered in all likelihood planned from within Dillon’s office itself. The coincidence of assembling workers outside the workplace..?

This is quite obviously an attempt BY DILLON to suppress the rights of these petitioners.