Dillon's Removal a Must…

The fight to remove Speaker Andy Dillon must be going well as the recall effort has been aggressively fought with a censorship movement, a Lawsuit, and political posturing by Wayne county hacks.

While the recall effort has received the moral and in some cases financial support of those of us throughout the state, we cannot participate fully. We feel Dillon’s leadership has run his house minions like lemmings off a very high cliff, each dragging with them a business or family to it’s doom. We however, are prohibited by law from collecting signatures on behalf of the recall team.

A very strong message can be sent to those who support Dillon’s immature bully tactics by providing the recall effort with letter support to local news outlets, calls to radio stations, and ultimately financial support.

If we as Michiganders cannot take back a little control from the puppets of the big government types, then we are destined to suffer a continued slow death of jobs, family, and economic prosperity this great state once held for it’s citizens. The Marxist Utopian ideals of Lansing’s liberalized democrats has created the mess that is our state budget.

Marxist? IMO it is not an out of line term for leadership which refuses to cut the spending and growth of an already overwhelming bloated Michigan bureaucracy, but rather sees the aristocracy (code word for business owners) as able to pay more for their flawed method of assisting and equalizing with the perceived “poor, and disadvantaged.”

The irony, however should not be missed, as it is the fat cat Union bosses, who’s personal incomes exceed that of more than 80% of the business owners in this state, who benefit from the most recent government oppression. THEY get to keep THEIR jobs, while they encourage their Axle worker brothers to step out and run another business into the ground. Please note that with the growth of state government, we are supporting yet another level of that same leadership (govt employees unions) taxpayer funded.

Soon Michigan will have another round of displaced workers seeking assistance, and soon Dillon Et Al. will have a new slew of bills offering poison to cure the persistent cold.