New Development Created For Legislative Control.

Fromchsky Labs of Pontiac has created a control system designed to help Michigan voters “reign in” the out of control legislators in the Michigan House of representatives. Eli Fromchsky, CEO and analyitics engineer describes the system as a combination of shock collar and neural manipulation.

It works like this: The device is attached to the current office holder at the base of the neck. Neural impulse control is fed through the skin to the spine and the effect could be pleasure or pain. Control of whether the representative receives a friendly pleasurable feeling, or absolute discomfort is driven by voters from the districts which they represent. The voters receive the “remotes” for the system when they show up to vote.

Concerns of voters improperly applying the motivative force to a legislator outside of their districts was a concern Fromchsky had considered. The solution he describes, is that the device “bio-locks” itself to the first constituent, and to the legislator to be heeled. “We couldn’t allow the voters to simply dial in whatever legislator they wanted to at a whim.” He added “Andy Dillon would be writhing on the house floor always if we were to allow that.”

Fromchsky has said there is a patent pending, and thanks the MEDC for helping him with a $3 million grant to help move his business to Pontiac from Dearborn. – Staff