Educating Detroit

For Michigan, one of the problems that persists year after year is the heavily left/liberal leaning voting block in the southeastern part of the state. I hesitate to make generalizations on the “typical” voting nature of highly populated urban areas, but this particular zone consistently elects entitlement promising, excuse making panderers who do little more than raise taxes and produce even more need.

Where have we gone wrong? How can a message which consistently produces more misery than relief win out over reasoned thought and ideals? How can Voters in Detroit put up with the corruption in their elected officers, and still claim it is the best way? Perhaps it is the investment they have in what they think is right… …or wrong. We all dislike being wrong, but how do we reconcile our mistaken preconceptions?

Logical reasoning and point by point examination of historical precedent and results.

I personally have been known to name call when I felt aggrieved by the target of my words. However, even then, I recognized I only satisfied my own need to strike out. I solved little.. if nothing. Maybe some others who think like I do might have enjoyed my outbursts, but these weren’t people I needed to convince.

Detroit, and it’s surrounding urban landscape is in need of the most dire renovation of thought. It’s political distance from many of us is not overshadowed by our geographical distance to be sure. What we need is an understanding of: WHY the left is able to convince voters in these areas to support them. Why they continue to support the very functions of our state government which threatens the fewer and fewer jobs that are available in these urban centers. When we understand what makes the flawed ideals of left/liberal/socialism palatable to the people, we may then have an opportunity to present the logical alternative of strong families, less government, and a prosperous Michigan.

I would like to take this point to present a series of comments back and forth derived from Akindele’s blog. this has been an ongoing exchange for a few days. In it, I become a little POINTED.. It is hard not to. My question, if there can be an answer, is: How do we reach through this thinking? Am I assuming this is typical thought for some in urban centers?

Anonymous said…
Speaking of Black Afrikan US Politicians – people who can pray – Pray for Black Afrikan US Senator Obama for his safety in his campaign for US President & his successful public work

4:18 PM

Blogger Man of principles said…
Barack violates private property principles. How can we expect “Hope” in America when he advocates for Robin Hood economics.All leaders should be in our prayers.

7:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said…
Robin Hood Economics are moral – the powerful should support the weak – Our current economic system is immoral – the rich take from the poor

7:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said…
The rich typically are rich because they provide a service or product that people desire. Often it is that which offers them an improved living standard.Taking from the rich to give to the poor only makes more poor, and makes it harder to provide the life advancing miracles we see daily. It is a BOON to the poor (whether you believe so or not wearing your blinders) that there are opportunities which allowed the rich to become so. It means the poor also have a potential as well.

If your currently known poor were to become rich through increased effort and a little good fortune, would you tell them they must return to their previously disadvantaged state?


8:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said…
JGILLMAN – Your logical argument doesn’t deal with the moral issue of our economic system – our economic system is immoral – it values rich people over poor people – morality states that the rich should assist the poor – the strong should assist the weak

2:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said…
Free Man… We are merely slaves to the government when IT is the sole determiner of how we assist the poor.When the government puts its gun to our head and says that the family is subordinate to the whim of a few legislators, we have failed the morality test.

I have WHEN POSSIBLE done what I could, to assist those close to me (friends, family and neighbors) I alone should be able to determine if they are truly in need or have made poor choices which temporarily sets them back when it comes to providing from my hard work, and IF I can truly afford the assistance given.

As a result of my own efforts two families have homes they would not have otherwise, my employees now have insurance that essentially amounted to a pay cut for my wife and I. (we still make less than most GM autoworkers) Yet I still have to involuntarily contribute to welfare programs which have little result other than to foster more dependence on government and break up family and local support systems.

Morality cannot be delivered by people who promise from the wallet of others. It is best served with dignity by those who know those weak and poor persons, and can truly uplift the those who need to a higher level.


3:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said…
JGillman – The problem with your argument is that the needs of the family are not limited to basic survival – 2ndly Humanity is entitled to a certain basic level of existence – that does not exist in the US – because our economic system does not recognize these minimal human rights by means of human existence/ that fact makes our economic system immoral – where poor people are treated worse than rich people because of their poverty

7:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said…
Freeman – Where the Government is the decision maker of necessity, those needs are rarely met. Take a GOOD LOOK at Cuba, Pre-perestroika Russia, and Soon Venezuela.Human rights does not mean that you can TAKE at will because someone has more, or that fairness is not served. The will of man is flawed, and the taking soon becomes the rule.

Human rights are given by GOD. We are born with them. Poor or Rich has NO bearing on our argument. Is it the will of GOD that you have the right to usurp from your fellow man that which he has earned, or been blessed with?

We are all born. We all Die. We exist with the same rights, and same opportunity to be great or weak. Our lives are sometimes not fair, but that is GOD’s will.

I saw a home makeover program on TV the other night. The show is about going around and helping people rebuild a house, and in the process improve their lot in life.

The show itself demonstrates two things: 1. That there are people who’s life can be savaged, then salvaged. 2. That Corporate profits can drive good deeds.

Also.. The most recent show had a man who was unfortunate enough to have been born with NO eyes, was crippled, and living was a task for him and his parents. HE WAS INCREDIBLE. He had his mind, Spirit, a strong belief, and could sing and play like the most talented musician. If the record company execs take a look, I will buy his album (though he is not selling one)

My point is. You can relegate yourself or the poor to “victim” status in an unfair disposition of talent, looks, wealth or where you are born, or… You can seek to enlighten the down trodden that there is a chance they can provide better for themselves by a little extra effort, or looking for a way to enhance talent they may have.

Taking from one to give to another.. Is wrong. Is immoral. Will do nothing to improve anyones self respect, dignity.


12:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said…
Is it God’s Will that Women and People of Color suffer racism & sexism in the US & their opportunities are not the same as the Minority ruling class White European-Males ?
Morality teaches that the rich should support the poor – the strong should support the weak – You mention God & if you were a Christian you should understand that Biblical principle – Biblical Economics is based upon sharing resources – if people are equal then that equality should extend into their economic state
Our system only makes $ on the labor of workers & the exploitation of the poor
Our system is based upon the stolen land of the 1st Nation People and the predominant slave labor of Black Afrikans
Our system is immoral because of these current & historic practices –
It is economic justice to take $ from the rich to meet the basic human survival needs of other humans who happen to be poor & needy
Taking $ from the rich to meet the basic survival needs of the poor will allow other humans to survive

2:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said…
Freeman – Perhaps you will remain restrained in thought to a wicked desire to enslave your fellow man with tariff on his productiveness.As for being a Christian, I did not say that I am, or not. My point is that GOD has endowed us with what we have.. or do not have. And the right to be the bearer of our labor is a fundamental right.

And as far as the Slavery which you claim this land is founded on.. perhaps there is NOTHING anyone could do to satisfy your need for reparations. Does not a Christian believe Jesus gave his life for us to allow us to be forgiven? Should we continue to pay for the atrocities by those who may or may not be our fathers? To What end?

Look inward. It is not the exploitation of the poor which may hold you down, but rather exploitation of the idea that it is moral to put a gun to one mans head to feed another.

The standard of living in this country for even the poorest is higher than in most countries around the world. You lie to yourself thinking we would do well to follow the lead of socialism.

It is time for you to mature philosophically. Your ability to converse on this topic in the manner (created by capitalism) we have, shows you have some resource, So you are apparently not speaking for yourself when talking of the needy.

And before you suggest I do not know what being poor is like, you should understand I have lived many stages in my life. When I was down, I had more reason to pick myself up. Christmas was Cereal Boxes wrapped so there was something under the tree. I did not however reach out to government though I could have. It would have been all to easy to fall into the trap many of the poor will.


4:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said…
Fine – if you believe in God – is its God’s Will that 51% of the people in Michigan do not have sufficient income for their basic needs & some people have more than enough $ to meet their basic needs?
If the Bible “Judeo-Christian” Holy Book is the foundation of morality in which the US is based – were the Children of Israel wrong to TAKE reparations from the Black Afrikan Egyptians after serving them as slaves?
Does God care less for the poor because they are poor?
Morality means ethically correct
Our economic system is immoral as demonstrated by its treatment of poor people

5:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said…
Freeman – Your flawed reasoning of cause and effect will not allow you to follow through with logical conclusions.This is today there is still a right and a wrong. I espouse NO Religious conclusions. I am simply saying we are born as we are born.

And if we are born poor it is OUR responsibility to OURSELVES to lift ourselves up. It sometimes involves CREATIVITY, and it sometimes involves LUCK.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE however should it involve enslaving of another human to make our own life better.

Taxation to “equalize” is the same as putting a gun to one man’s head and forcing him to capitulate to another man’s will, and provide for the other man. It IS SLAVERY pure and simple. And I would be surprised if you felt SLAVERY was moral.

Socialism to solve the woes of the poor is LAZY thought. It is easy to fall into FEELING BAD for one’s brother, but aren’t we all better off TEACHING our brother how to be independent? To Fish…?


6:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said…
JGillMan – Are you using deception? – Yes there is morally correct & immoral – Our economic system of survival of the fittest is immoral – Unwilling to help meet the basic survival needs of the poor by $ more taxes when one has great excess is immoral – Are poor people part of the Michigan society? if yes then we should assist them with their basic survival needs through higher taxes if necessary

2:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said…
Freeman – The premise you advance about morality.. Survival of the fittest being immoral?Then certainly you find natural law immoral, where bear eats fish, lion eats fawn etc.. Using your logic, GOD has performed an immoral act to allow poor to exist at all?

Just who do YOU think YOU are? you have no basis of authority on me, my brother, GOD, or anyone.

THAT SIR, IS IMMORAL. You would make poor and unfit those who are not already, so it serves your particular need to feel good, or that you have done the RIGHT thing for your fellow man.

You need to find the intellectual and moral integrity to look at the proof and understand that it will be your brother’s decision who he will help, who he should help, and the reasons for it.

It is people’s thinking such as yours which elects fraud into our system under the premise of helping those who are needy. Yet you are then too blind to see that they CAUSE the problems they are brought to serve.

Equalization of human economic prosperity is the most historically documented as a failed ideal on this world. It has created FAMINE in Africa, shortages of food in Russia and elsewhere, and Broken up families in Cuba, and YOU wish to copy this?

Yes, you have misled yourself.

I could pity you. I could pity the community who has to deal with your vote, your ideas. It is a mental sickness. I will now try twice as hard to make sure you understand why you are wrong.

I have hope too.

I have hope that people begin to use the facility endowed upon them by their creator to better themselves. to bring about personal change which will allow them to create a better world. A better world not by taking and redistributing, but rather by building our personal well being and allowing FULL participation in the building process, so that All benefit.

You can start too. Bring up your brother by showing him how to do something he doesn’t know. Expand the strength of your community from within, not by taking from another. Build infrastructure by teaching self reliance, and strength of character.

My hope is you can become a part of it. You seem to have resolve, but it is slightly mis-directed… at this time.


7:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said…
J Gillman – The Beast – the Antichrist – New World Order equates animals with humans – your argument would make Christ’s eating fish immoral
I clearly did not imply that
The Bible states that God uses the poor to show His glory
The rich should $ higher taxes to help meet the basic needs of the poor if necessary
The reasons why rich people fight to maintain their unequal & inequitable advantage are they are greedy & selfish & can $ to protect their $
Chile – El Salvador – Nicaragua – private armies $ by illegal drug $
Our economic system is immoral
God created all people – God didn’t want people separated into economic classes – the Bible defines an economic system that causes economic equality – God’s true followers seek to treat God’s creation as equal brothers & sisters that includes a concern for the economic state of all people equally
You are making something good – concern for the poor – into something bad –
So you can fight for the minority Wealthy rulers

2:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said…
Freeman – you apparently don’t understand that you break down the route which can bring the poor up from their lowest points. You operate under the assumption that wealth is static, and that there is only so much to go around.You make excuses by blaming the wealthy for simply being ..wealthy. As if they purposefully plot each day how to keep the poor man down.

Concern for the poor is not BAD. However your method for helping them is flawed.

ENVY for what another has is Immoral at best, (some consider a mortal sin) and at worst leads to thievery whether by state or individual in the name of “equality.”

That thinking is a sickness.

Again, concern for the poor is not BAD, but your method for helping them is flawed. Bring them up by showing a path to riches through work and a solid family structure as support for them while they build their own way forward.

New riches come from real productivity. A productive society can more readily provide for the indigent and unable. Real productivity is not allowed in socialist environments.

You fight only to defeat your own goals. It is time for you to stop.. and think.. think hard of what you want, and then discover there are ways, and then even better ways, but certainly not by enslaving those you envy.