Retiring 2007.. Who's at the wheel?

Frankly, 2007 has proved to be a banner year for events to point out the true nature of politics. Between weak leadership from a governor who realized an incredible (re)win in 2006 and just plain DUMB ideas, compounded by more dumb ideas, Michigan continued it’s course of rivaling third world economies in generating social welfare expansion, corrupt government, and accountability to very few.

Andy Dillon, et al.., regarding 2007 as a year of missed opportunities should realize legislative life was better before him… and the rest. As a result of him being unable to get his “Pet Projects” through in 2007, it might have saved Michigan jobs perhaps, and possibly put off for the time being even more anticipated moves from the state by the job creators who remain. Legislative inability to operate is apparently the best we can hope for moving into 2008. Perhaps further damage to our infrastructure could be avoided if this is the case.

It appears the apparent route we (businesses in Michigan) travel, is much like driving a big rig, and includes a lot of sharp turns at high speeds. Granholm apparently prefers to ride shotgun and talk on the CB radio. She has all the words, and makes everyone who meets her at the truck stops feel good, but beyond the words, she is useless. Those behind the wheel, might be either the gorillas in the unions who pull her strings, or the monkeys in the legislature who seem to be too busy flinging poo.

Either way we are probably in for a wild ride. Breaker – Breaker.. Welcome to 2008. 10-4.