Gee I can't wait…

The morning of Oct 1, 2007… “A date which will live in the infirmary…”

The agressors “Zeroed” in on exactly the wrong thing to do to a “pearl of the Midwest..” when they put the guns to the Michigan business owners and established a tax so incredibly insane, it defied their own logic trying to sort out the reasons later..

While we were all transfixed with morbid fascination of this unprovoked attack, we failed to note the looming squadron of attackers known as the MBT. The ships that are already sinking will be bullet ridden ever more beginning Jan 1, 2008 when the MBT takes its toll to the fullest extent.

The Empress sits in her office attended to by her ministers, being told the people support her will, and are willing to sacrifice for the good of the motherland. The brotherhood of workers willing to sacrifice jobs and well being for a short term glory of guaranteed work by edict. Their ideology, although self defeating, drives them to torpedo common sense and run the successful ships down, or perhaps to safer waters.

At first, Michigan Businesses will withstand the onslaught, but this story has a decidedly different end than one other in America’s history… ..unless ..we can unseat the empress.