Before you complicate things further….

OK Listen Up Michigan legislature… You all are scratching your heads wondering how you got into the pickle you have found yourself in over the service taxes…

Now you are looking at separating “sporting goods” sales tax to directly benefit the DNR… Any legislator who votes for something like this could never have owned or run a small business which has to deal with government. The TIME ALONE it takes just to deal with you jokers is enough to break even a profitable enterprise much less the marginal ones.

The Ma & Pa Bait shops, ammo shops etc.. Already competing with the big guys have another issue to deal with soon by the looks of it. Leave em alone.

Look.. you want a better IDEA? Add a Dollar.. yes… ONE DOLLAR to Michigan IDs and drivers licenses.. Specifically for the DNR. Maybe $1.25 if you want to buy em a new truck.  This gets a “fair”contribution from hikers and other adults who use the natural resources, but do not hunt or fish.  It also doesnt add unwanted complication to small business in the state.