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Gun Control Causes Murder

What a silly thing to assert, right?

Jolly Interviews DeWeese and Hall

From today’s WTCM morning show.

Have You Gotten Your Tickets Yet?

There are still some tickets available NOW for the Tom DeWeese – KrisAnne Hall Event HERE Only 20 Bucks in advance.


Enjoy the summer

Twila Brase On The ACA

Watch this.

Twila Brase gives no hype. Simply logical and well reasoned observations of the what has become of our health care system, privacy, where it is going, what you can do, and what to expect. Well worth the 30 minutes.

When you are done check this out.

Tom DeWeese AND KrisAnne Hall Event In Northern Michigan

Reposted from RightMi.Com

Property Rights and the US constitution in one blockbuster forum August 02!

property-rights-libertyProperty rights and Liberty are two of the legs of the three comprehensive rights we are granted by our creator.

As the leadership of our communities plod along with local ‘planning‘ efforts that make your town look like every-other-town, you might have noticed its getting harder to use your land or property in ways that have always been ‘allowed.’ And as the United States federal government marches on with an out of control executive branch usurping state and individual rights not granted to it by the constitution, the question that first comes to mind is “how is this happening?”

There are few folks who understand the scope and loss of property rights under agenda 21 as does Tom DeWeese. Likewise the study of the United States Constitution has become an unmatched professional pursuit by KrisAnne Hall.

Both are experts in their field and highly respected throughout our nation, giving speeches, offering seminars, and teaching effective resistance and methods of restoring our natural rights.

Join us Sunday August 02, 2015 at the Great Wolf Lodge conference center in Traverse City Michigan at 1:00 PM. You can order tickets by sending a message directly through the RightMi.com “submit a Tip” link, OR print out tickets online at eventbrite.

This is a cannot miss event!

Dear Dr. Dan, “put up or shut up”

MT-ElephantThe federal government has for years been trying to insert its will upon states, and the people therein.

Over the last several years, the most abusive theocracy bureaucracy, the Environmental Protection Agency has grown itself through rule making that threatens our way of life, and the ways in which we provide for ourselves.  And it seems as though Dan Scripps who was tossed from his 101st State House seat in Michigan must have given them some hints recently, as they have been copying his efforts to regulate the water underneath and around us.

Fox News is reporting that Congress has ‘blocked’ their efforts.

“The House of Representatives on Tuesday voted to block the EPA from implementing a new plan that critics say could significantly broaden the agency’s ability to impose environmental regulations over America’s waterways.

Many farmers and landowners across the country say rules proposed last year by the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers would give federal regulators even more say over waters. The issue had become a hotly contested one for many who say there are already too many government regulations affecting their businesses.”

Yeah. OK, does anyone think this will stop them?

Dan Benishek, remember that conversation we had a couple of years ago?  The one where I had to instruct you on how CONGRESS can defund these out of control institutions, and you disagreed because you haven’t a clue on how the constitution works?


I didn’t think so.


The end.

Earthquake Stunt Too Much – Even For SRY

Reposted from RightMi.Com

Earthquake-Michigan-Galesburg copySafe Roads Yes has reached a point of desperation in its failing effort of selling higher taxes, that has driven it to geological interference.

What better way to sell the bad roads deal in the eleventh hour than to mastermind a natural disaster that only James Bond villains and Dr Evil would dream up. Michigan is now getting its roads pulverized by earthquakes!

The epicenter is 5Mi South of Galesburg.

The Earthquake event happened at 12:23 PM and reports of effect extend from Kalamazoo all the way to Midland.

Stay tuned for Road ‘Damage’ reports..

And of course we know it wasn’t really Safe Roads Yes, but rather ‘Fracking’ that caused this. Yuuup.

Proposal 15-1 opposition Rally April 15

Traverse City-Protest

Photo from actual Traverse City Protest.

It could possibly be an unusual gathering April 15.

Given the fact that most conservative Republicans and the left-of-center Democrats agree that the May 5th proposal is an unmitigated disaster, its possible they might actually walk side by side at 11AM in Front of the Traverse City Post Office on Tax Day. If one watches the polling results, follows through by reading the comments on the major media pro 15-1 shill attempts, one might walk away thinking the only the political class centrists are the ones who really really want this garbage.

Holding breath on working together? Not entirely.

However, what a treat it would be to shove this bad medicine down the throat of the cronyist Snyder and his milquetoast minions. The mantra of there being “no plan B” is worn out already. Putting taxpayers into a corner might elicit thoughts of the wolverine that is threatened once this play is done. Higher taxes hurt the left as much as the right, and passage of this boondoggle is a constitutionally guaranteed increase of taxes every single year.

Where: In front of Traverse City Post Office on Union and State St.
When: 11 am till 1 pm or as long as you can. April 15th tax day (Depending on size we may walk to the Parkway and Union St.) Appropriate signs please.

If you are in the area on April 15 at 11AM, join 15-1 opponents to say NO to higher taxes.

No Worries – Common Core Will Automatically Place You!

Common core testing will find your life’s meaning.

Yup.  Rick Snyder has been traveling around touting the newest component in central planning; the “National Career Readiness Certificate”

Michigan: The automotive state launched a Department of Talent and Economic Development on March 16, with the aim of making the state a national leader in talent development for the skilled trades that are a crucial component of Michigan’s huge comparative advantage in automotive and other advanced manufacturing. “With the resurgence of the auto industry, what we’re gaining are R&D and engineering and design jobs,” Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder told CEO Briefing. “We’re leading the nation in career technical education. I don’t think a lot of CEOs know that. And CEOs’ biggest fear, in many cases, is not having enough skilled tradespeople.”

To go along with its creation of the talent department, Snyder also proposed a $30-million increase in state outlays on skilled-trades training for this year, up to $80 million and oversaw the launch of a program that brings the German industrial-apprenticeship model to the United States. He also noted that Michigan has more teams of youth involved in the FIRST Robotics competition than California and “added more teams last year than all other 49 states combined.”

Because people just cannot do anything themselves anymore.

Fire Up The Mystery Machine

OK gang.. Fire up the mystery machine and start looking for clues.

“So, for the past 30 years, Blue Cross operated as the insurer of last resort, growing to control 72 percent of the health insurance market in Michigan and generating a nearly $3 billion surplus and $8.1 billion in assets. “

Then it no longer was the “insurer of last resort” and the justification for such surpluses disappeared.

A scooby snack to the first person who figures out where the $3 billion went.