Looking For The Real Fraud?

Bill Schuette published his top 10 consumer complaint items.. We have completed each item to be sure that ALL offenders are identified properly.

The attorney General says:

“Consumer protection isn’t just one program,” said Schuette. “It’s a philosophy that guides everything we do.  We emphasize safe social media use for students and fight to protect seniors from scams and fraud.  We also defend consumers by exposing insurance fraud and price fixing, guarding against bogus charities, and prosecuting home foreclosure scams.”

Top 10 Consumer Complaint Categories of 2014 with our additions.

  1. Credit and Financial Concerns: The top complaint category for 2014 held on to the spot that it has had since 2006 generating almost 1,700 complaints in a variety of areas including debt collection, credit repair, payday lending, and mortgage brokering.
    1. The government has forced lenders to engage in loans with zero probability to pay back. Add to this, the vultures like David Trott who take advantage of those caught in the middle.
  2. Gasoline, Fuel, and Energy: Rising all the way from number 8 in 2013, propane complaints dominated this category last year.  In 2014, Attorney General Schuette secured agreements with two companies relating to their propane prices and helped more than 6,200 customers obtain more than $600,000 in relief.
    1. Michigan has set itself up for a major energy crisis which will exacerbate the problem. When we are 1.3 Gigawatts short of necessary electric production, the ‘gouging’ will seem like good times.
  3. Telecommunications, Cable, and Satellite TV:  Maintaining the third spot from the previous year, this category includes complaints involving issues like robocalls, telemarketing, and cable and satellite TV services.  These categories made up almost 1,000 of the complaints in 2014.
    1. Look at every single person in office today. How many of them were responsible for the endless hours of robo-calls and stepped on cats trying to get to the phone?
    2. Then look at the elimination of landline phone requirements. A deal made for the benefit of, and brokered away for ATT’s sole benefit.
  4. Retail:  This category also ranked fourth for the second year in a row includes complaints about merchandise quality, warranty, and pricing disputes.
    1. Sales tax increase on the way. CHECK.
  5.  Motor Vehicle and Automobiles:  Rising back to number 5, disputes with used car dealers, automotive repair service complaints, and lemon law violations are included in this category.
    1. Licensing fees and lost deductions on the way. CHECK.
  6. Personal Service Providers:  Falling back to number 6, complaints in this category range from dating services and beauty shops to home security and health and fitness organizations.
    1. Come up with your own for this one. It really isn’t that hard.
  7. Internet:  Complaints in this computer-based category numbered more than 600.  Included are issues with internet service providers, online auction disputes, and fraudulent e-mail solicitations.
    1. Legislature adding regulations and additional costs and job killing bureaucracy. CHECK.
  8. Landlord and Tenant: Rising one spot to number 8 in 2014, this category made up nearly 500 complaints.  A majority of the complaints in this category involved apartment owners and managers.
    1. Just wait till the bizarro world Elliot Larsen makes a comeback. This one’s gonna be a dooooooozy.
  9. Health Service Providers: Also rising one spot from 2013, this category involves complaints about different health service providers like doctors, dentists, and hospitals. 
    1. Loss of insurance, expensive premiums and high deductibles thanks to government helping us out. Please. Send a regular scammer or crook. It will hurt less.
  10. Contractors: Absent from last year’s list and rounding out the top ten are complaints about landscaping services, special trade contractors, and residential building construction services.
    1. Why, isn’t the whole zoning/enabling cluster-foxtrot an absolute joy in YOUR community? Who cares about the contractors if you cannot afford to live anywhere?

Michigan Lottery Losers

There are people who buy their lottery tickets and do NOT remember to actually check their tickets.

After huge expenses cajoling the poor to spend money they cannot afford, and promoting the state sanctioned games of chance, its sad they cannot spend a couple bucks to actually investigate a little further.  So here’s to you folks knowing where these locations are, and letting your friends who visit these establishments know that if they play the government’s numbers racket, they might be missing something.

Any money left in the hands of government like this is a damned shame.

Unclaimed Prizes

Draw Date Game Winning #s Prize Retailer
04/15/2014 $40,000 Tax Free Raffle Raffle Ticket No. 0334098 $40,000 Kroger #441, Dearborn Heights
04/26/2014 Fantasy 5 2-14-17-24-28 $159,835 Dearborn Amoco Service, Dearborn
07/28/2014 Fantasy 5 15-23-26-27-28 $52,500 BP Gas Station owned by EDCO Energy & Mgmt. LLC, Livonia
08/05/2014 Mega Millions 25-28-36-45-53
Mega Ball 6
$1,000,000 CVS Pharmacy #08291, Grand Rapids
10/12/2014 Fantasy 5 2-19-30-37-38 $328,843 Harrison Liquor & Wine Market, Lincoln Park
11/5/2014 Powerball 2-11-19-21-42 Powerball 34 $1,000,000 Mitch’s Party Store 70844, Wayne
11/11/2014 Fantasy 5 18-24-25-29-33 $164,809 Motor City Sports Bar 102662, Warren
11/28/2014 Fantasy 5 10-21-23-26-28 $50,000 Five Star Liquor
71579, Dearborn
12/12/2014 Fantasy 5 5-21-24-28-39 $52,500 Bay Park Marathon 20130, Holland

Surprise, Stabenow And Peters Continue To Fight For Expensive Energy

AFP: Stabenow and Peters Placed Special Interests Above Job-Creation
Keystone Pipeline Construction Will Create Thousands of Jobs and Help Meet Energy Demand

AFP-LogoLANSING – Americans for Prosperity’s Michigan State Director, Scott Hagerstrom, issued the following statement in response to Senator Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters votes today against approving Keystone XL pipeline construction.

“We are disappointed that Senators Stabenow and Peters chose to stand with special interests against the workers and families across the nation who will benefit from the Keystone pipeline. Despite State department reports showing that construction will create 42,000 jobs and have no significant environmental impact, Stabenow, Peters, and a few other Senators continue to do the bidding of their extremist ideologically-driven funders. It’s time to stop playing politics with commonsense economic opportunities and get America working again. We hope President Obama shows bipartisan leadership and quickly signs this into law, allowing construction to finally begin.”


STOP the 16.7% Tax Increase Michigan

Higher taxes, and the return of redistribution aided advanced by Republicans in Lansing last night.

A May 5th special election will have poor voters deciding if they will be getting more cheese. The corporate abusers will get their pie, and the rest of us in the middle will get the bill. Pandering welfare gimmicks, corporate cronyism on steroids and a blanket party for the working class. Whats not to love?


Minutes matter here.

 Cut and pasted to distribute quickly.  Please call your rep NOW

The House is still in session. I have word from a rep. on the floor tonight that the internet tax is “likely” to pass! You need to call your legislator’s office NOW. Here is another thing you can do. Find him/her on Facebook. Many of them have an account. Send them a message. It will get to them on the House floor. Tell them not to pass another tax. That is not what Republicans do.
The lobbyists are circling like vultures. They want this internet tax! You must act.

But there is at least one thing all us, together, can do. We can ALL contact the Majority Floor Leader in the House of Representatives and ask him not to allow any of these crazy bills to reach the floor. The Floor Leader is the general who decides which bills will go to the floor for final passage and which ones won’t. He has a great deal of power.
His name is Jim Stamas. He is a pretty conservative and reasonable legislator. Please contact him tonight!
Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas
To contact Jim Stamas, click here.
  • SB 658 & 659. These are the Senate versions of HB 4202 & 4203, “Mainstreet Fairness,” otherwise known as the internet tax. It’s bad for business and for taxpayers. Here is very good op-ed on this legislation. Here is a good analysis of the legislation.
If you have time, please contact your own state rep. Find your representative’s contact information here 


We are now told by the charitable pantry agencies that our one month past fresh date is no longer acceptable.

I guess they might not want to feed the hungry masses with this soup which I consumed only minutes ago.  Brought to a boil, and served in a bowl.  Delicious.


Yes, that date reads 2002.

HUD Actively Redistricting Through Zoning Requirements

I have written much on A-21 and the possible motives behind it.

Even the widely accepted motivations based on the Rio declaration stand up front however, as we see federal grants being used to ‘shape’ our communities. Much of the shping of course, is done through political efforts and our own money used against us.  As Robert Romano of Net Right Daily points out, political gerrymandering is being done on a subtle scale.

HUD_chart1By Robert Romano

Let’s just be blunt. If Congressional Republicans do not defund the imminent rulemaking, “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing,” by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in the upcoming continuing resolution, they are utterly insane.

The rule, now delayed into December, is nothing short of a national, government-directed gerrymandering regime to redraw the zoning of every single neighborhood in the U.S. on the basis of race and income that accepts any portion of community development block grants.

In 2012, HUD dispersed about $3.8 billion of these grants to almost 1,200 municipalities.

Conditioning those grants on rezoning will generate obvious political outcomes, namely, to turn what were once Republican districts — which tend to be higher income and white not because of racism but rather economics and regional demographics — into marginal, purple districts under the guise of providing “fair housing.”

Segregation assessment tool revealed

One need look no further than HUD’s unleashing its “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Assessment Tool,” with comments due by November 24. HUD has also released template racial rezoning maps and data tables to be used in each community development block grant recipient area.

The tool’s worksheet orders the assessing bureaucrat using the maps and data to “identify neighborhoods or areas in the jurisdiction and region where racial/ethnic groups are segregated and indicate the predominant groups for each.”