MIGOP Receives Threat Connected to Stabenow Email

Caller Threatened to “Take Out” Republican Activists

Schostak Asks Stabenow to Condemn Email & Threat


LANSING, Mich., Sept. 28, 2012 – Today, the Michigan Republican Party received a threat from a caller in connection to an email issued by Sen. Stabenow’s campaign manager. The Michigan Republican Party staff immediately contacted and informed Lansing Police Department concerning the threat. Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak called on Sen. Stabenow to condemn the email and the threat.

This morning, Stabenow’s campaign issued an email accusing the Republican Party of plans to “suppress the Democratic vote” and “recruit ‘poll challengers’ to try and disenfranchise and discourage voters in strong Democratic areas.” The email asked supporters to “fight back” and donate money to Stabenow’s campaign.

Stabenow’s email takes out of context a request by the Republican Party to recruit Election Day volunteers.

Moments after Stabenow’s email went out, the Michigan Republican Party received a threatening call that used language nearly identical to the language used in Stabenow’s email.
Chairman Schostak issued the following statement:

“There is no room nor excuse for threats or acts of violence in the political arena. Today’s actions are by one individual, however the cause needs to be addressed.

Sen. Stabenow’s clumsy and misleading email was out of line, her campaign clearly incited supporters to act out irrationally.

Sen. Stabenow needs to stop hiding behind surrogates and spokespeople and take responsibility for the email that was issued on her behalf by her campaign manager.

I am calling on Sen. Debbie Stabenow to personally refute the email issued by her campaign manager that takes out of context an email I issued, and I am asking Sen. Stabenow to join me in sending a strong message by condemning this and any threat in the political arena.

Anything short of personally condemning her campaign’s email message will only embolden individuals to make additional threats that have no place in political discourse.”

Regarding the MIGOP email recruiting election day volunteers, the position of “poll challenger” or “poll watcher” is an officially recognized under Michigan law, additional details of this position can be found here. As a Michigan Secretary of State pamphlet reads, in the first sentence of the first paragraph, these volunteers do not suppress the vote but are critical in “the election process as a safeguard against election fraud.” Both political parties use poll challengers.

Link to the screen shot of Sen. Stabenow’s campaign email: http://bit.ly/S6E059

1 comment for “MIGOP Receives Threat Connected to Stabenow Email

  1. October 3, 2012 at 6:44 am

    Dan Farough, authored the email? Yes, it’s time for a reminder of the caliber of the people that Sen. Stabenow, surrounds herself. From 2008…

    Dan Farough, the extremist left’s favorite carnival barker, defended the ogre-like effigy (his words), saying it sends out a message to Birkholz and others that “there’s a price to be paid for bad legislation.”

    “Sometimes you have to use the hammer,” he grinned and I just couldn’t imagine why he wasn’t working for a reasonable intellectual like House Speaker Andy Dillon anymore.

    As far as political theater went, it was a cheap Michael Moore knockoff, but tee-vee showed up and that’s what counts. That’s pretty much the M.O. of Farough’s Progress Michigan, an ain’t-we-cool, in-your-face liberal hype machine that usually can’t be bothered with the facts.


    That excerpt is from Susan Demas, column, “Progressive regression”.

    It should frighten the bejesus out of voters that even Lefty folk such as Demas, identifies Debbie Stabenow’s people as extremist Left.

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