A Letter From A Friend

Received this from a friend, who like many folks has felt compelled to make commentary on the political state of our affairs.  Like many who are causal political onlookers, Chris is a thoughtful person who has never held back on an opinion, yet tends to analyze a bit more before stating it.  He is asking a question that has been now brought out more regularly in recent years.

Congratulations on your new position.  I’m not entirely sure what a county commissioner is tasked with, but I am sure you will acquit yourself well.

I’m at my computer (at 5:30 a.m.) to pass on a revelation I had, that was so startling, I could no longer sleep.

Our House and Senate, at the state and federal levels, have a great deal in common with our prison system.  Both feed their occupants, house them, and take care of their health-care.  Both institutions will continue to aid their former occupants after they have “served their term”, although I have seen no “halfway houses” for recently released representatives.  There isn’t even a limit on how long most of the inmates of these institutions can stay, at least in most cases.  And of course, both institutions operate at taxpayer expense.  The only difference that I can see, is that our prisoners our PUNISHED, and our so called representatives are PAMPERED!

I am tired of paying for a “rich and famous” lifestyle for someone else.  I am tired of seeing “professional” politicians.  I am weary unto death of the double standard of health-care and retirement that exists between our “representatives” and their constituency.

We NEED term limits.  Two and out, that’s plenty, thanks for not making it worse.  NO, I repeat NO RETIREMENT!

These weasels work for eight years and get a free ride?  On my tax dollars?  FOR LIFE?   I DON’T THINK SO!

That is a burden that should no longer be shouldered by the taxpayer.  Let them stimulate the economy by going out  and getting real jobs.  If they want to come back after eight years in the private sector, that’s fine.  Maybe it’ll give them a better perspective of what needs to be done.  And as for health-care, let me just say that anything the government requires you to have, it should provide.  Oh, and I’ll  sign up for any health-care plan that my senator or representative has.


He echoes what a lot of us are thinking.  No, he doesn’t want government to provide healthcare, but rather is expressing a frustration that our lawmakers are forcing conditions upon us, yet have little effect upon themselves by design.  Take away those perks and the program changes.

The term limit debate is a reasonable one.  There are good reasons to support either side of the issue, yet the argument wouldn’t be made if there was a sense that our representatives lived by the same rules and were more accountable.

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