It will never be enough..

Gordo, over at the Muskegon Pundit reports an additional millage/bond request from his local school system. The Mona Shores Schools had a $17,000,000.00 capital expense put up for a vote today.   Now.. If I were a betting guy (I am) and I was to wager lunch on the outcome of this request, I would have to say it will not pass as they have picked a poor time, when townships and cities are mailing out the newest round of assessments which show.. Drum roll please.. INCREASES!  OF course the confusion of having declining valuation, and a raising taxable amount is becoming more clear for some folks as Prop A meets the reality of  correcting market values.

But I could be wrong.. And for me it is only lunch.

Then there is the Federal Leviathon..

The “benevolent one” has decreed that there will be “Stress Tests” of banks, and that any banks not meeting a standard will be forced into a government program where the fed will assume partial ownership until the bank is brought back into health.  Does this not send the deepest chills down the spine of any of you?  Let me be clear…  The type of conditions which the anointed one will assume is healthy for a bank is unlikely to be met. This is a play to completely nationalize our banking system.  (Did I hear someone say “WTF Willis??”)

Banks operate on leveraging depositor money with other arrangements with borrowing from the fed etc..  I doubt there is a bank in existence which has cash reserves sufficient to match an immediate liability concern.  One that might be proposed as the stress point for an Obama test.  Banks operate on long term lending, and profits on immediate sales to other banks of loan assets.  A “Healthy” bank could go under in a day with a bad run. Look at what Schumer did…

Consider for a second what nationalizing banks means.  The government will control who gets a loan, and which industries shall be favored.  This will spawn a new era of corruption, as payoffs, favors, and promises ruin the efficiency of a market based economy. (Did I hear someone say “WTF Stalin??”)  It places the value of people in some markets as less important and unworthy of protections under the constitution..  But never mind that, as the constitution is being burned as I type.

It will never be enough.  It will never be enough that many loans to “bread and butter businesses” will be unmade as lobbying by the elite keeps what is left of the finances in particular sectors.  But even those players will eventually fold under the weight of a government too large, too heavy, that never has enough..  And then .. It will be time to slaughter the pig. (Did I hear someone say.. “WTF Amazing Pig??”)

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  1. February 25, 2009 at 9:42 am

    Apparently it IS enough if its in Detroit and the bigots on the City Council want to prove to the world how racism can inspire adults to say “no” to nearly 300 million FREE dollars.


  2. February 25, 2009 at 11:16 am

    The nice thing is, if The State ever did decide that they have enough, they will make sure that nothing ever changes… ever. Like the USSR, everything will just sit and stagnate and rot.

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