Limited Government, Excitement and Blood.

Recently, I was awarded a pass to day two of the Republican Convention. Being a once in a lifetime opportunity, I quickly accepted and made plans. A 12 hour drive, and about 8-10 coke zeros later found myself in the Hot spot of the Midwest, Minneapolis St. Paul. A drive which though not short was made a little extra special since half of it was though the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Even a decently operating radio might have a difficult time picking up a good talk show or two, however, I had not even that luxury. I DO however have one of those nifty little WiFi cards which allowed me to stream Wood 1300 from Grand Rapids for most of the trip. Man.. Gotta love technology. OK I guess you would call that a luxury, but in this day and age, I perhaps Prefer to think of it as a necessity.

The Blood? oh we’ll get to that..

Grover Norquist was a speaker at this morning’s breakfast. Solidly conservative, he wound up the Michigan delegation quite well with a very adept analysis of the difference between those who would tax us and those who don’t. Norquist built on the excitement of the Palin announcement, pointing out that she is a limited government type who truly fits the Republican view as it should be. Pointing out the consequence of giving Tax and spenders the ability to do so, is a major theme of “Leave Us Alone: Getting the Government’s Hands Off Our Money, Our Guns, Our Lives” Norquist’s book published earlier this year.

No Blood yet..  ok getting there..

All the speakers had nothing but good things to say about McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin.  Cheers often when her name was mentioned, and a sense of solidarity certainly permeated the room.  Jack Hoogendyk praised the McCain-Palin team, and noted the  unabashedly “Republican” make up it is.  Hoogendyk himself was warmly received, and  (caution hide the kids.. blood part coming up) while only briefly hitting on the obligitory fund raising for his own campaign he was quite successful in enlisting the help of nearly (my estimate) 40-45 people out of the room which had 60-70 republican delegates to…

Drum roll..

Give Blood. The Republicans are going to give till it hurts..  In an effort to help the potential hurricane victims, the convention is indeed responding positively (O-Positively maybe?) to what might be another tragedy at our southern borders.  While the politics of ANYTHING that can be done will be looked at from either side with a wary eye, this is a solid example of decent people wanting to help those who need help, and though it was completely unexpected, it is a popular move by the would be Senator Hoogendyk at the convention gathering.