Legislative meandering of the day..


Well maybe a little more than stuff. Keeping an eyeball on the goodies promoted from within our Michigan lawmaking apparatus.

Some of it intrusive, some self serving, some of it very likely to have been crafted for anti competitive purpose.

One particular measure appears to be a decent attempt to promote philanthropy by those with skills in the health care arena.

My commentary (if applicable) in orange

HB 4388 of 2011 Human services; services or financial assistance; use of e-verify for verification of legal residence; require. 

Good common sense position. Make sure the recipients of welfare or taxpayer provided benefits are actually legally entitled to receive them.

HB 4389 of 2011 Occupations; dentists; dentists practicing under special volunteer license; extend immunity from liability. 

Do I believe my eyes?  I actually agree with a number of the Democrat sponsors.  IF I am reading this correctly, this is good legislation that protects volunteers who are attempting to help their fellow man through efforts outside of traditional medicine.  Currently, the cost of insurance, and potential lawsuits limits the pool of volunteers that perform philanthropic medicine.

HB 4390 of 2011 Employment security; other; payment method for unemployment tax; modify. 

do my eyes look crossed? yeah.. thought so.

HB 4391 of 2011 Education; discipline; adoption and implementation of policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation, or cyberbullying; require. 

Bullying.  Teeth for political-correctness junior.

HB 4392 of 2011 Crimes; other; court to defer prosecution of person less than 18 years convicted of cyberbullying; allow under certain circumstances. 

A provision to address the above legislation and adjustment to penal law, providing for re-education and thought modification.

HB 4393 of 2011 Liquor; drinking age; certain minors presenting themselves for treatment; exempt from underage drinking violation under certain circumstances. 

Good idea.  Get them to turn themselves in before they hurt someone.  It might actually help someone get the help they need.

HB 4394 of 2011 Employment security; benefits; computation and charging of unemployment benefits; modify for continuing employer. 

..there is that cross-eyed thing again.  I wonder if I could get some time off from work.  Oh yeah that’s right, no.

HB 4395 of 2011 Michigan business tax; credits; recapture of tax credits for businesses relocating out of this state; provide for. 

Riiiiight.  You know, there is a good reason that business does not want to settle here.  Its kinda like a fly on tape. Even if you get away little fly, you will carry our sticky little juices on your wings and legs, making it impossible for you to fly again.  Suck it up buster, we own you.

HB 4396 of 2011 Education; school districts; guidelines and information regarding management of concussions and head injury in youth sports; establish. 

Aspirin please?

HB 4397 of 2011 Health; pharmaceuticals; formation of medicinal marihuana clubs or operation of medical marihuana bars; prohibit. Amends 1978 PA 368 (MCL 333.1101 – 333.25211) by adding sec. 7421. 

What? an umm so what about those opium den plans that Walmart had? Party pooper.

SB 0231 of 2011 Crimes; other; discovery of a dead body; require to notify law enforcement under certain circumstances. 

OK well.. there is this barn nearby, and.. oh never mind.

SB 0232 of 2011 Corrections; prisoners; commutation hearings and procedures; expedite for prisoners who are terminally ill. 

A little legislative housekeeping?

SB 0233 of 2011 Corrections; prisoners; commutation hearings and procedures; clarify provision regarding medical commutations. 

Expeditious processing?

SB 0234 of 2011 Health; occupations; conviction of first, second, or third degree criminal sexual conduct; revise sanction disciplinary subcommittee must impose and include permanent revocation. TIE BAR WITH: SB 0235’11, SB 0236’11
SB 0235 of 2011 Health; occupations; conviction of first, second, or third degree criminal sexual conduct; revise sanction disciplinary subcommittee must impose. TIE BAR WITH: SB 0234’11, SB 0236’11 

Jones is keeping busy.  Clarification and additional tools for specific provisions. (This and above)

SB 0236 of 2011 Health; occupations; conviction of first, second, or third degree criminal sexual conduct; allow permanent revocation of license or registration. 

Really busy..

SB 0237 of 2011 Appropriations; zero budget; supplemental appropriations; provide for fiscal year 2010-2011. 

Zeroed out new budget base

SB 0238 of 2011 Appropriations; supplemental; multisection school aid supplemental; provide for fiscal year 2010-2011. 

Likewise with ARRA left over

SB 0239 of 2011 Occupations; alarm systems; alarm contractor act; revise. TIE BAR WITH: SB 0241’11 

Mixed feelings on this.  Our police and responding units have limited resources that seem to be shrinking each year.  Inappropriate installations for this type of equipment could easily result in false calls reporting, and dispatches of costly personnel to alarmed sites.  As long as the rules remain attached to the actual installation or monitoring I am ok.  However, the regulatory framework still makes no guarantee the licensees are competent.

SB 0240 of 2011 Criminal procedure; sentencing guidelines; sentencing guidelines for security guard act violations penalties; enact. TIE BAR WITH: SB 0239’11, SB 0241’11
SB 0241 of 2011 Occupations; security guards; security business and security guard licensing requirements; revise, and provide for enhanced enforcement. TIE BAR WITH: SB 0239’11 

Oh my goodness..  Mr Booher seems to have quite a handle on the security business. At least enough to write legislation that keeps interlopers out from such a lucrative enterprise as security services.

I smell rent seeking.  Question Darwin Booher?  Who wrote this for you?

SB 0242 of 2011 Worker’s compensation; definitions; worker’s disability compensation act; expand employee definition to include reserve and auxiliary officers. 

Likely appropriate.

SB 0243 of 2011 Higher education; private schools; eligible counties in which certain ecclesiastical corporations may operate religious colleges; expand. 

Its called ‘special purpose legislation.’ designed to accommodate a specific entity.  Likely one that in some way supports the candidacies of those who sponsored it.

SB 0244 of 2011 Criminal procedure; expunction; expand record expunction for certain offenders; provide for under certain circumstances. 

Honest, I am not as bad as I am.

SB 0245 of 2011 Construction; other; eligibility for beach or residential lift; allow adoption of local ordinance to set construction standards. 

Summer is almost here.. get this thing along.. right?

Passed by Chamber

SB 0022 of 2011 Probate; trusts; uniform statutory rule against perpetuities; revise to reflect limitation of the personal property trust perpetuities act to certain property. Amends sec. 5 of 1988 PA 418 (MCL 554.75).
SB 0023 of 2011 Probate; trusts; personal property trust perpetuities act; limit application to certain property. Amends sec. 4 of 2008 PA 148 (MCL 554.94).
SB 0098 of 2011 Records; birth; heirloom birth certificates; create, allow for fee collection, and earmark revenue. Amends 1978 PA 368 (MCL 333.1101 – 333.25211) by adding sec. 2882a. 

Interesting.  Souvenir birth certificates.

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